Friday, November 03, 2006

I can’t stop eating Rockets! Damn you Halloween! I’m going to gain 10 pounds and become diabetic if I don’t get this habit under control very soon. They are just soooo gooooood… Speaking of Halloween, someone at work told us that their son went to high school dressed as Rocky for Halloween (as in Rocky Horror Picture Show)—meaning the only thing he had on was a pair of gold lame short-shorts! How come boys never did that when I went to high school?

I read a lot of blogs every week and I keep finding new ones to add to the collection. One of my new favourites is called “Extended Cake Mix”. She’s bitingly funny and never fails to give me a laugh when I dial her up. I think she had me with this October 3rd short post: “I saw a hipster wearing a fanny pack today, just...walking up the street. What does that even mean? When the ultimate in wrong is now embraced like that? What's next, trucker hats?”

OH and I just remembered! “Sunken Treasure” came out on October 24th. I should just wait and ask for it for my birthday… but I don’t think I can wait! And I kid you not, Sunken Treasure, the song, just came on launch radio. What does that meeeeean?

Well, tonight is BobDylan FFR (fu*king front row!). What to wear, what to wear? And as D remarked last night (one of my fellow front row-ers) “If you’ll be there, we won’t see you—cause we’ll have our backs to… everyone.” Way to rub it in ;-)


At 4:40 p.m., Anonymous ac said...

I got sidetracked from the rest of your blog when I read about FFR. I am dying to hear how it was!


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