Thursday, November 23, 2006

Well, that was long lapse. Busy took over and I had to just run with it.

I can’t even really think of much to say, but I thought I’d better make a post sooner rather than later or else I’ll get completely in the habit of not posting.

You know what I did last weekend? I went to a movie. I haven’t gone to a movie in months. I saw “Stranger Than Fiction” and I fell in love with it… totally unexpectedly. It’s just a very sweet, smart, well done movie. And I discovered some new music. I won’t ruin anything for you, but there’s a song in the movie, that’s very important to a particular scene. It starts out being sung by one of the characters and then the original recording merges in and takes over. I loved it and even stayed to watch the credits to figure out who it was (I couldn’t!). Of course P knew who it was: Wreckless Eric. “Oh he’s great” he says. And why hasn’t he said a thing about him ever? Why must I discover this guy 28 years after the fact? Sheesh! Anyway, he’s my new favorite. Go to itunes and download “Whole Wide World”—then make sure you buy an album. You’ll love him. (oh but don’t buy “Whole Wide World 4 England” which is a remake and the lyrics were changed to make it some kind of soccer anthem)

Other than that, I have to thank J.I. for showing me my new favorite house blog: 1902 Victorian. I’m reading all of the archives from the beginning and it’s making me love MY old house even more. Don’t get me wrong, I love my old house and it’s what I always wanted. But sometimes living in an old house is hard. There’s never ending work to do (with no money to do it) and lots of unique problems—and having more than one electrical outlet per room would be helpful…. But there are so many great things that outweigh the little annoyances. This blog has helped me love it even more. She just “gets it”. Thanks J!


At 5:13 a.m., Blogger the heilife said...

I saw Stranger Than Fiction and knew you'd love it too! It was so heartwarming wasn't it? I went and bought the song from iTunes too.


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