Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Whew. This is starting to be a "once a week at best" blog. I think I jinxed myself when I started it out of boredom... because now I'm way too busy.

However, I decided not to take work home tonight because my mouse hand is hurting from overuse. I spent a whole day making graphics for my current e-learning project--I loved my day! But as with all things fun, there's always a consequence.

So you know that old saying "When you want something done, give it to a busy person." That was written about me. When I'm busy I will not only get your task done, I will find 10 other things that need doing and marvel at how long they've gone undone. I'm so busy right now I can't even fathom taking a bathroom break (or I think about what I can do while I'm in there)--yet when I get home, do I rest? No, I decide, out of the blue, that we need a safety deposit box and then go on a hunt for all of the important papers we should store in there and then... OMG we've never taken pictures of all of the stuff in our house! What if we got robbed? How could re prove we own 8 million CDs? Are you exhausted yet? I stopped myself from actually taking the pictures... but so neurotic!

I guess I don't really have much to say today. But I do have some things to pass on:

Donald Crowdis is a 92-year-old Canadian blogger. I read an article about him in the National Post this weekend. He's led a facinating and life, but anyone who's walked this earth for 92 years would be interesting. The Post described him as "an interesting mix of Vonnegut and Yoda".

This is the best.show.on.radio.ever. Have you listened? It's a CBC show so those not in Canada might not have heard it yet. It's not available on podcast yet, but fans are sharing the shows online. As I was creating graphics all day, I listened to older shows--this added to loving my day. Start with this "Best of season 2" show. (I hope it works!)

Lastly, would someone please buy me this bed?
(link found at Inside a Black Apple)


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