Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wow, two days in a row. Fancy that!

Yesterday’s mail delivery spoiled me rotten. Allow me to share, without seeming overly show-offy.

The first was a box from Amazon—two gifts from my dearest husband that arrived too late for Christmas (which he expected, so he just told me to expect two extra gifts sometime in January). The first was a DVD “Let’s Rock Again”. A documentary about Joe Strummer (by Dick Rude). It contains tour footage (with the Mescaleros), exclusive interviews and music. All of this was filmed right up to his unexpected and sad death in 2002. This was on my Christmas list, but it’s something we’ll enjoy together. I have to say his death affected more than I thought I would—maybe it had something to do with losing a little of my youth. lol Oh and it happened on that sad and pathetic Christmas I mentioned yesterday. Good timing!

The other item in the box was a book: A History of Domestic Space: Privacy and the Canadian Home. This was something he found on his own, based on my crazy infatuation with the history of our home. It’s perfect! I discussed in an earlier post, my facination of everyday life. But photographs from the 1800’s and early 1900’s rarely pictured everyday life. They were often posed portraits in front of fake backgrounds. This book delves into domesticity and the evolution of how we use our homes—it has amazing pictures of people around dining room tables and sitting in their living rooms. I had to stifle my urge to get out the magnifying glass and zoom in on every item in the room! I’m sure we’ll be revisiting this book in a future entry.

And, can you believe it? There was still something else. A mysterious box from an unknown sender. It turned out to be these indescribably perfect cat glasses from Bridey-Heidi. I mean, really, could these be any cuter? I can’t decide which one is my favorite… Right now the goth in me is favoring “Bad Cat”. Very unexpected and wonderful. Thank you Heio.

I guess the holidays are officially over now. Thank you to all of my irreplaceable friends and family for making me feel like the most loved and lucky person on earth—every day of the year. (And not because you buy me awesome presents ;-))


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