Monday, June 16, 2008

Well, while we wait on the flooring to be delivered, I got bored and started doing a little online searching for more information about William, Ida and Robert--the owners of my house from 1899 - 1939.

If you'll remember from my previous post about them here (Scroll to Jan 2, 2007):
William John Wright and Ida Kate Wright moved into the house in 1899 with their son, John. Soon after, Otis Home Wright was born. I like to think his middle name was in celebration of him being born soon after they moved into their brand new house. The very next year, William died.

I found William's death registration. It says he died from "brain fever" lasting one week. He died September 17, 1900 and was 37 years old. Who knows what in the world he really died from, but that's a very quick illness. And if that's not bad enough, I found out that Ida was pregnant when William died. It gets worse--she lost the baby. There's a registration for a still born female, born April 21, 1901. Seven months after William died.

In one year, she lost her husband and her baby girl. Why isn't my house haunted? If anything, there should be a sad woman walking the halls looking for her daughter, or kneeling by her husband's sick bed. I like to think that her life ended happy, so her spirit didn't linger. Two years later she was married to Robert Thomas, the barber, who moved into the house with his son and daughter. And the best happy ending of all? They had a daughter together in 1906, Ida Doris Thomas. Ida Kate would have been 43 when she had her--quite a late pregnancy for those days (and the age I am now!). But how nice for her to be able to start a new family after all of that sadness 5 years prior.

I learned lots of other helpful information including Ida's full name and maiden name (Graham), parent names for all three of them and their exact wedding dates. I also found the birth registrations for all of the children except for one (John Wright).

Some questions I still have: When did Robert and Ida die? Death records are not available online later than 1937 and Robert is still listed as living in the house until 1939 (they only list the man in the city directories). I hope I'll find this info as well as their headstone someday.

I still can't really figure out much about Robert's former wife. On the marriage registration for Ida, he's listed as a widower. On the 1901 census he was just listed as single. On the birth registrations for his 2 children, the mother is listed as Nettie Sageman. However, I can't find any death registration for her--or anything else for that matter. So some of the mysteries continue...



At 10:59 a.m., Anonymous Alisa said...

I love this research. So fun! I think I'm sort of glad your house isn't haunted though!

At 8:59 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

way cool on the findings... I give you a lot of credit for taking the time to unearth all this info...and yes, good thing its not haunted.


At 2:57 p.m., Blogger Nukiart said...

I'm taking a shot in the dark here that you're still active on Blogger - but my great grandparents were Robert and Ida Thomas who used to live in your house.I came across your blog entry as I was searching for information on Nettie Sageman (Robert's first wife). I too have had no luck in finding any info as to what happened to her :-)

I've just started doing some research into this side of the family so I can add a bit more to your story if you'd like. I never knew Robert or Ida but their daughter Ida Doris was my maternal grandmother.

Doris died in 1986 and my own mother passed away in 2010 but her younger sister still lives here in London and it was through a conversation with her that I started filling in some of the blanks.

Anyway, I won't write anymore in case this is just going out into the ether but if by some stroke of luck you do see this my name is Sue. I too live in London and can be reached at nukiart at rogers dot com if you're interested in the rest of it.
Cheers, Sue


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