Friday, May 08, 2009

It's spring! And with spring comes the possibility of new home projects. My question is, when does the money roll in to finance these house projects. Argggg.
I haven't started anything yet but I'm torn between fixing up the yard (a huge mess) and tackling the remaining spare bedroom--soon to become my craft room. Stay tuned...
In other news, I've been keeping my eye out for some remaining items for my kitchen. Recent purchases include:

A much coveted Fire King polka dot bowl. I'd love to have a set of these (like the photo above) but I want to find them at rummage sales. Ebay is too expensive now with the dollar so low and shipping so high. I purchased mine at "The Bag Lady". A cute neighbourhood lunch place/vintage shop.

Black Cat sugar and creamer circa the 1950's. I actually bought them for my sister, who has the teapot. But she had them already. It turned out to be a bonus for me because they look awesome in my kitchen.

And three reproduction posters from (a fantastic Canadian poster company).

We mainly tried to stick with WWII propoganda posters but we couldn't resist the WWI Navy poster (Gee, I wish I was a man).

This afternoon I'm going to the "Elegant Rummage Sale"--a huge rummage sale put on by the Rotary Club at the fairgrounds. I'm in the market for frames, but I'm secretly hoping I find lots of red polkadot fire king items :-)


At 1:22 p.m., Anonymous wallfollower said...

ROTFL!!! "Be a man and do it"

Do you think your polka dot bowls would be around here? I could keep my eye out for you.

At 6:18 p.m., Blogger Sadie Says said...

They are made by FireKing, which is a subsidiary of Anchor Hocking, I think? I'm pretty sure they were sold in the US as well.

At 6:04 a.m., Anonymous Tamisha said...

I love Fire King stuff. I have their primary stripes set and can't wait to have a kitchen to show them off in. You look to have a really cool house.


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