Thursday, February 08, 2007

Isn’t this the best bumper sticker ever? The best part of the whole thing is the 1 stuck in the middle of the !!!!!!’s (Bumper sticker brought to you by cute overload.)

So I’ve been doing some fixing up and decorating of the spare bedroom for the past week. The entire upstairs of the house was painted in flat white cheap paint (which I suspect is just primer) and here we are 6 years later, and it still is. (Except for my exceptionally beautiful bathroom).

I want things to look nice, I have a vision, I do a little planning. But then I want it done… NOW. So I’m terrible at cutting corners. A little dust in the corner? Paint over it. Nail holes? Just pile on more paint to fill them up. It gets much worse about half way through when I really want it to be done so I start rushing through things that I shouldn’t. I must say that I was much better with this project (which still isn’t quite done but coming a long nicely). This room needed some tender loving care. I dusted the walls and swept the floor several times even! I filled cracks and nail holes and even big holes (that I’m glad I didn’t realize where there because they freaked me out!). Did I also mention I get freaked out easily? I even waited for things to dry before I did a second coat (plaster, paint, etc) It’s not going to be perfect, but what old house can be? (unless you rip everything out and start again which I would never want to do).

There were deep holes in the floor boards where the wall meets the floor. They’ll be covered by trim soon, but I had to stuff socks in them until then—too creepy. However, I did get up some nerve on the weekend to take out the socks and shine a flashlight down there. What if there was something really good, hidden for decades? No such luck. Just some antique dust bunnies.

Just a few more things to do and then I’ll post some before/after pictures. Won’t that be fun?


At 10:50 a.m., Anonymous Louise said...

LOL! Do they have an OMG Unicorns!?


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