Saturday, February 24, 2007

One good thing about winter--you have an alternative refrigerator in your backyard. We came home to a dead fridge on Friday. I opened up the freezer and inside I found a soggy, leaky mess. I opened the fridge part and found a stinky, leaky mess. Yuck!

The repairman was just here and delivered the bad news. It's not worth fixing. We're having to go with a used model because a new one is just out of the question (do you know how much refrigerators are? yeeesh!). So add to the list of bummers, the unexpected cost and the inconvenience of no fridge until possibly Tuesday or Wednesday. Right now we are making use of the unheated sunporch as our fridge and enjoying almost frozen milk and yogurt. Hurray!

So it's times like these when I always wonder just what it is about winter that brings on the debilitating expenses every year? Car breakdowns, roof problems, veterinary emergencies, appliance breakdown... I can name one for just about every year we've lived here. I don't want to manifest my own destiny by putting this in print.... but I'm starting to get really leary of the months of January and February now!

Well anyway, I shall not dwell. Everyone is healthy and happy and this too shall pass. Let's just bathe in the sun...


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