Thursday, March 01, 2007

From the FAO Shwartz website: (via mightygoods)

"You can now own an exquisitely detailed scale model of your own home, beach house, or ski chalet. Sounds amazing? It's all that and more. Here's how we do it: the design team makes an appointment to come to your home. Then it's back to the studio, where highly skilled artisans recreate every inch of your home in 1-inch-to-1-foot scale. This includes the wallpaper, paint color, lighting - even the actual fabric of your furniture through real swatches or recreated fabric! (Starting at $10,000)"

Firstly, I want one! Secondly, how do I get a job there?
I wonder if they'd put in the sagging kitchen floor, crumbling mortar and teeny tiny bats in the attic?

In other news. A new cell phone arrive in the mail yesterday. One of those flip phones with a colour screen and access to the internet. All for free. Why? Because we're so cell phone-aphobic that our current (analogue) cell phone is so old that it will no longer work as of May 1st. Apparently Rogers is not going to support the analogue lines (?) waves (?)... whatever they are, any longer. So they gave us a new phone. Pretty good deal, huh? Well, as fancy as this phone is, I'm still going to use it about 4 times a year. I refuse to carry it with me and sign up for some plan. It's for travelling and emergencies only. But I must say it was hard to stop flipping it open and looking at the pretty pretty screen last night...

Which reminds me. What do you do with your old phone? You can't throw it in the garbage, right?


At 12:59 p.m., Anonymous ac said...

Love the mini-house idea! Odd and cool. I guess that's what you get the person who has everything!

Congrats on reaching this millennium with your new phone. I "recylced" my old cell phones at my local Verizon Wireless store (they are my provider). Your local provider probably has a store where you can drop yours off. You can also sometimes donate them to women's abuse groups and/or police/fire departments who give them to the women's abuse groups. The women are then given the phones to use to call 911 if they are in a bad situation.

At 3:58 p.m., Blogger Noelle said...

If I had $10,000 lying around spare, I'd prefer to put it towards a REAL home.

Congrats on the new phone, it's fun being able to call on the go. I think you need to look into an electronic recycling program to get rid of the old phone.

At 2:03 p.m., Anonymous Louise said...

Those mini-replicas are so cool. I need to have my own house first before I could even think of getting one :).

I'm not sure where you go to recycle your phone, but I know that that's what you're supposed to do. Pete is working on finding out if I can have his older model blackberry from work. *evil grin* Like I need it.


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