Friday, March 16, 2007

I don't often wish I could knit. Actually I can knit, but I don't enjoy it much and I haven't progressed to the point where I've actually made something. Wait, I think I made a sweater once... hmmm... As you can see, it wasn't memorable.

But if I could knit like Eunny, I'd knit until my fingers fell off. Actually, I think an even better wish would be to just have Eunny knit things for me... and keep my fingers.

Here's 5 Things You Didn't Know About Me (maybe)
(and after this, you're all tagged)

1. I dislike sandwiches. In fact, I'm likely responsible for a squirrel/racoon/skunk population boom in the 70's because of all of those lunches I tossed into the schoolyard garbage bin.

2. I used to dream about starting my own business as a personal shopper. But then big box malls came along and the downtown died. Now I have to ask people where to buy simple household items. I'm no longer the shopper know-it-all.

3. I'm always teaching a graphic design workshop in my head. I especially love it when I find a really bad example that I could use for a class critique. I especially love the local sports store who's logo and store design is so bad you'd swear it was a chicken take out place... or the Italian restaurant that nobody ever goes into because their logo makes it seem like they only sell ice cream. My obsession with design is the same reason I have a crush on Starbucks, even though I hate their coffee.

4. I've been thinking about what would happen to my cats if Pete and I both died. I'd like to arrange for them to go to some kind of kitty sanctuary and not have to be adopted out or seperated. I'm slowly turning into the crazy cat lady and that's ok with me. I don't have kids to embarass.

5. When I was younger, I had a bad problem with dislocating my knees... a LOT. I had an operation on one of them but I don't really know if it worked because I'm so careful about them. I don't allow anyone to come near them and I quickly move away from dancing / flailing people. I also never spin on one foot--it makes me wince when I see ballet dancers do that.


At 7:07 p.m., Anonymous Louise said...

OMG those are beautiful knits. I could knit those, but it would take a lot of time to do. I've added that site to my daily knitter's blog roll.


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