Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Whew. This is starting to be a "once a week at best" blog. I think I jinxed myself when I started it out of boredom... because now I'm way too busy.

However, I decided not to take work home tonight because my mouse hand is hurting from overuse. I spent a whole day making graphics for my current e-learning project--I loved my day! But as with all things fun, there's always a consequence.

So you know that old saying "When you want something done, give it to a busy person." That was written about me. When I'm busy I will not only get your task done, I will find 10 other things that need doing and marvel at how long they've gone undone. I'm so busy right now I can't even fathom taking a bathroom break (or I think about what I can do while I'm in there)--yet when I get home, do I rest? No, I decide, out of the blue, that we need a safety deposit box and then go on a hunt for all of the important papers we should store in there and then... OMG we've never taken pictures of all of the stuff in our house! What if we got robbed? How could re prove we own 8 million CDs? Are you exhausted yet? I stopped myself from actually taking the pictures... but so neurotic!

I guess I don't really have much to say today. But I do have some things to pass on:

Donald Crowdis is a 92-year-old Canadian blogger. I read an article about him in the National Post this weekend. He's led a facinating and life, but anyone who's walked this earth for 92 years would be interesting. The Post described him as "an interesting mix of Vonnegut and Yoda".

This is the best.show.on.radio.ever. Have you listened? It's a CBC show so those not in Canada might not have heard it yet. It's not available on podcast yet, but fans are sharing the shows online. As I was creating graphics all day, I listened to older shows--this added to loving my day. Start with this "Best of season 2" show. (I hope it works!)

Lastly, would someone please buy me this bed?
(link found at Inside a Black Apple)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Well, that was long lapse. Busy took over and I had to just run with it.

I can’t even really think of much to say, but I thought I’d better make a post sooner rather than later or else I’ll get completely in the habit of not posting.

You know what I did last weekend? I went to a movie. I haven’t gone to a movie in months. I saw “Stranger Than Fiction” and I fell in love with it… totally unexpectedly. It’s just a very sweet, smart, well done movie. And I discovered some new music. I won’t ruin anything for you, but there’s a song in the movie, that’s very important to a particular scene. It starts out being sung by one of the characters and then the original recording merges in and takes over. I loved it and even stayed to watch the credits to figure out who it was (I couldn’t!). Of course P knew who it was: Wreckless Eric. “Oh he’s great” he says. And why hasn’t he said a thing about him ever? Why must I discover this guy 28 years after the fact? Sheesh! Anyway, he’s my new favorite. Go to itunes and download “Whole Wide World”—then make sure you buy an album. You’ll love him. (oh but don’t buy “Whole Wide World 4 England” which is a remake and the lyrics were changed to make it some kind of soccer anthem)

Other than that, I have to thank J.I. for showing me my new favorite house blog: 1902 Victorian. I’m reading all of the archives from the beginning and it’s making me love MY old house even more. Don’t get me wrong, I love my old house and it’s what I always wanted. But sometimes living in an old house is hard. There’s never ending work to do (with no money to do it) and lots of unique problems—and having more than one electrical outlet per room would be helpful…. But there are so many great things that outweigh the little annoyances. This blog has helped me love it even more. She just “gets it”. Thanks J!

Monday, November 13, 2006

I had an unexpected little archaeological dig in the backyard yesterday. We were doing some "getting ready for winter" tasks outside and I was planting a couple of perrenials that I still had in pots. As soon as I started digging, I knew I had found a good hole--the dirt in these "garbage holes" always has light coloured dirt with what looks like ash--although you'd think ashes would be long gone by now. Anyway, I decided to just keep digging. I started to find the usual pottery shards and glass, but then suddenly, I saw an entirely intact bottle sitting just to the side of where I had just been ramming the shovel! I carefully took it out of the earth. Now remember, I get super excited when I find a tiny piece of a broken dish, my head nearly exploded when I found this bottle without even a crack! The bottle is greenish blue, frosted glass and the top is fairly wide. Inside are the petrified remnants of some kind of sticky yellowish stuff. I'm going to have to get a bottle brush to get it out.

I decided to keep digging, but I got rid of the shovel in case there were more goodies down there that I might accidently break. About 3 feet down I found another bottle, this one had a fancier shape--brown glass with a little stopper. When I lifted it out it had liquid inside the bottle. It smelled and looked like water, but it's hard to say what it was. I threw it out. I don't want to mess with unknown liquid! eek! The bottle is in perfect condition but the stopper is cracked in half. It's a clean break and easy to glue.

Along with the brown bottle were the broken pieces of what looks like a large tea cup saucer. I pulled out as many as I could. The exciting part about this is that two of the pieces showed almost the whole makers mark. With the help of the internet, I was able to find information about the maker AND date the piece! The mark on this dish was used between 1900 and 1913. Which means this dish probably belonged to either the Wright's (who lived here between 1900 - 1903) or the Tompson's (1904 - onward). A photo of the mark on my dish is shown at left. The mark I found on the internet can be found here (scroll down).

The last thing I found before I had to stop, was the bowl of a clay pipe. This one being such a personal item, it really gave me that jolt that I get when I start to think of how these objects connect us in time. Perhaps this pipe once belonged to Mr. Thompson--the owner of the Barber Shop?

Along with these pieces I pulled out a few crockery shards and one piece of an unidentified porcelain object that looked very fancy. I wonder if the little bubbles on it are the tiny feet for a footed bowl of some sort or maybe it was a figurine? I really can't say. I'm thinking that someone got in trouble for breaking whatever that was!

The bottle and the saucer were sitting in what looks like a metal bucket. I wasn't able to get it out--but I'm not giving up yet! I've left the hole open and will continue digging once the winter is over. Now I have to figure out how to display these things properly. (Away from curious kitties!)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ok, that is two colds now within 4 months. What is going on? I usually get a cold maybe, just maybe, once a year. However, it's a chest cold, so now I have a sexy voice.

I don’t really have much to say but I need a little break from what I’m doing.

So have you started watching Boston Legal yet? It’s the most underrated show on TV. I finally took the initiative to start taping it and I’m so in love now. William Shatner and James Spader are simply brilliant. Quirky, funny, controversial, off colour… poignant. It has it all. Watch! You’ll catch up, no need to worry about starting late.

Also, I’m officially feeling all Christmassy. Although the sun just came out and kind of ruined it. But I’m sure that will be over soon. I’m totally into the Christmas issues of magazines and checking out the stores for the Christmas displays. I know most people can’t relate to me and my enthusiasm. But don’t you think I was named appropriately? Gingerbread Lattes at Starbucks can’t come soon enough!

p.s. you can buy the lovely coasters pictured here.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I started to write this on Saturday, but there’s always so much to do! And I don’t even consider my life a busy one. But we did spend a fun afternoon in Waterloo wishing Niece Gwyneth a happy 2nd birthday. And I do believe her sister, Alison, was as excited about the “ice cream” cake as the birthday girl was. (I suspect even a little more).

Well, anyway, Friday was the big night. We loaded up on garlicy food and made our way to the John Labatt Centre. Let me just say that it’s NOT a good idea to eat a lot of garlic before a long concert. We even had gum… it didn’t work. I feel sorry for the people that were around us. But, back to the story. There is just NOTHING like front row. Especially when you didn’t have to wait in line for 8 hours to get it, be in danger of losing your place if you move, or have to listen to horrible acoustics because you’re too close. We just ate like pigs and waltzed ourselves to the front of the room. Once there, we could stretch out our legs, and most importantly, not have to worry about how tall the guy in front of us might be. I can’t stress enough how important front row is. Got it?

We were a tiny bit late and missed the FooFighter’s first song—although I did hear it while I was waiting in the line to get through the gate. But let me just admit here for a moment that I’m a big judger of book covers. I have blown off the Foo’s for many years, I don’t really know why other than the fact that it sounds like Frat boys named their band. I also know I’m a snob and newish bands have to really prove something to me before I’ll even glance their way. All I can say is that they proved it! They were really, really great. All of the band members were simply fantastic players and frankly, they blew us all away. And that’s coming from someone that only recognized one of their songs.

Between sets I had the great pleasure of leaving my seat (with no fear that someone would steal it) and use the facilities, get a drink, talk to friends that were sitting elsewhere, etc. Again, so much more relaxed than General Admission.

Then Bob came on and we all stood up—and stayed that way the entire set. Nine thousand and some-odd people. There was a fair amount of space between us and the stage, and they set up the band quite far back from the front of the stage. So we weren’t within “touching” distance. Which I guess was good because the stage was quite high and that way we could see quite well without craning our necks. I’m not even going to say the show was good, or fantastic, or amazing or sublime. I mean, come on. It was Bob. I don’t think I have to waste the words. And it was most definitely all of those things. But, I will be honest and say it’s not my most favorite of Bob shows. He played the keyboards the entire night—never once picked up the guitar. I very much missed the guitar. And he was facing sideways towards the other band members, so of course it didn’t matter to us, but if you were on the right side of the stage, you’d be looking at his back all night. That would suck!

But regardless, he is so fun to watch with is funny little dance steps and intense sideways glances. And how cute is it that he still sets up his Oscar beside him on stage? The standout songs for me included Masters of War, Netty Moore, Rollin’ and Tumblin and one of my favorite songs of all time Not Dark Yet. Not to make this all mushy and sentimental, but this concert did fall on the anniversary of my mom’s death, three years ago. I shed a little bitter-sweet tear when he sang “For every beautiful thing, there’s been some kind of pain.” Ain’t it so true.

Oh and during Masters of War, which is always very intense, something made him laugh. A few of the band members laughed at his laughing (lol) and Bob had to turn his back to the audience to get his composure back. Pretty cute.

The setlist is here.

The London Free Press review is here (I think he’s right on the money)

Friday, November 03, 2006

I can’t stop eating Rockets! Damn you Halloween! I’m going to gain 10 pounds and become diabetic if I don’t get this habit under control very soon. They are just soooo gooooood… Speaking of Halloween, someone at work told us that their son went to high school dressed as Rocky for Halloween (as in Rocky Horror Picture Show)—meaning the only thing he had on was a pair of gold lame short-shorts! How come boys never did that when I went to high school?

I read a lot of blogs every week and I keep finding new ones to add to the collection. One of my new favourites is called “Extended Cake Mix”. She’s bitingly funny and never fails to give me a laugh when I dial her up. I think she had me with this October 3rd short post: “I saw a hipster wearing a fanny pack today, just...walking up the street. What does that even mean? When the ultimate in wrong is now embraced like that? What's next, trucker hats?”

OH and I just remembered! “Sunken Treasure” came out on October 24th. I should just wait and ask for it for my birthday… but I don’t think I can wait! And I kid you not, Sunken Treasure, the song, just came on launch radio. What does that meeeeean?

Well, tonight is BobDylan FFR (fu*king front row!). What to wear, what to wear? And as D remarked last night (one of my fellow front row-ers) “If you’ll be there, we won’t see you—cause we’ll have our backs to… everyone.” Way to rub it in ;-)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I’m back! And I was going to start the month off right by joining National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) and posting every day for the month of November. I already missed the first day! Work was busy, and then my roots had to get done, American’s Next Top Model was on, the garbage had to go out, and then bam! It was time to read my book and go to bed. I guess that means I don’t even get to put this cool banner on my blog to signify my participation.

So I was in Atlanta last week taking some Authorware training. A whole week to live in a hotel in a strange city all my myself! I took the MARTA train all by myself from the airport. I’m so proud of myself! Actually, the training, although very good, was exhausting and usually went until 5:00. I didn’t have much time or energy for exploring other than taking the hotel shuttle to the nearby mall every night. Not that I’m complaining, shopping is ALWAYS fun. I didn’t buy much, but I fell in love with Anthropologie (where I bought a fancy tea towel for my collection and an iron door stop) and J. Jill (where I bought a sweater and shirt on sale). Why can’t we have these stores? Where is the pretty store love for Canada? I shouldn’t complain. We really do have some great stores here, but one always wants what one cannot have (or that’s difficult to have).

The other reason I didn’t buy much was because I couldn’t find anything I wanted! (besides all of the stuff I couldn’t afford at Anthropologie). The sooner the fashion industry gets over the 80’s “retro look” the better. Be gone, cheap t-shirt material clothing! Be gone flouncy short skirts and un-natural fabrics! And take those huge shiny belts and peter pan boots with you!

Switching the topic to one a little less shallow… let’s talk about books. Remember those old Penguin book covers? Having worked in several bookstores in my late teens and early twenties, I had the pleasure of seeing and admiring many of them. I used to get the promo posters from the stores once they weren’t needed. I wish I still had them! Anyway, someone put up their collection of Penguin and Pelican book covers on flickr. Go see!

And have you heard of Mark Ryden? A lot of his work is a little goth-trendy™ for me. But he does have some very compelling images and his technique is impeccable. I quite like the “Meat” set.